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CV. AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA - Telp. 0313989496 , HP. 082129847777 , 082129846666 , Fax. 031 3980197, EMAIL: INDUSTRI2034@GMAIL.COM


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" CV. AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA " Telp. 0313989496 , HP. 082129847777 , 082129846666 , Fax. 031 3980197, EMAIL: INDUSTRI2034@ GMAIL.COM , ALAMAT KANTOR: KAWASAN INDUSTRI GRESIK, JL. KIG SELATAN IV, NO.11, GRESIK 61121


AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA PHONE. 031 3989496 FAX. 031 3980197, EMAIL: INDUSTRI2034@ GMAIL.COM AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA IS ACTIVE within the style, DELIVERY, INSTALLATION, watching AND MAINTENANCE OF CP SYSTEMS FOR a good vary OF APPLICATIONS AS: - EXTERNAL CP OF BURIED PIPELINES - EXTERNAL CP OF BURIED TANKS - INTERNAL CP OF TANKS - CP APPLICATIONS OFFSHOREJapanese deity memproduksi Katode dan Anode sesuai spesifikasi dan aplikasi rule anda Butuhkan. nine nine ninenine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine what's IT and the way will IT WORK? however will STEEL CORRODE IN SEAWATER? to know electrode PROTECTION ONE should 1st perceive THE CORROSION MECHANISM. FOR CORROSION TO OCCUR, 3 CONDITIONS should BE gift. 1. 2 DISSIMILAR METALS a pair ofassociate degreesolution ( WATER WITH ANY sort of SALT OR SALTS DISSOLVED IN IT) three. A METAL ( CONDUCTING) PATH BETWEEN THE DISSIMILAR METALS the 2 DISSIMILAR METALS could also be entirely totally different ALLOYS,like STEEL AND atomic number 13however ar additional typically MICROSCOPIC OR macroscopicalmetallurgic variations ON THE SURFACE OF one PIECE OF STEEL. IF THE higher than CONDITIONS EXIST, AT THE additional ACTIVE METAL SURFACE ( during this CASE we are going to take into account FREELYchemical process STEEL that IS NON UNIFORM) , the subsequent REACTION TAKES PLACE AT THE additionalACTIVE SITES: a pair ofFE= > a pair ofFE+ + + fourE- ( 2 IRON particleand four FREE ELECTRONS) THE FREE ELECTRONS TRAVEL THROUGH THE METAL PATH TO THE LESS ACTIVE SITES wherever the subsequentREACTION TAKES PLACE: O2 + 4E- + 2 H20 = > 4 OH- ( element GAS born-again TO element ION - BY COMBINING WITH THE FOUR FREE ELECTRONS - which mixes WITH WATER to make hydroxyl group IONS) RE-COMBINATIONS of those IONS AT THE ACTIVE SURFACE turn out the subsequent REACTION, that YIELDS THE IRON CORROSION PRODUCT metal HYDROXIDE. a pair ofFE + O2 + 2H2O = > 2FE ( OH) 2 ( IRON COMBINING WITH element AND WATER to make metal HYDROXIDE) THIS REACTION IS additional usuallyEXPLAINED AS CURRENT FLOW THROUGH THE WATER FROM THE ANODE ( additional ACTIVE SITE) TO THE CATHODE ( LESS ACTIVE SITE) . however will electrode PROTECTION STOP CORROSION? electrodePROTECTION PREVENTS CORROSION BY changing ALL OF THE anodal ( ACTIVE) SITES ON THE METAL SURFACE TO electrode ( PASSIVE) SITES BY provision ELECTRICAL CURRENT ( OR FREE ELECTRONS) FROMassociate degree ALTERNATE supplytypically THIS TAKES the shape OF GALVANIC ANODES that aradditional ACTIVE THAN STEEL. THIS follow is additionally mentioned AS A putting to death SYSTEM, SINCE THE GALVANIC ANODES SACRIFICE THEMSELVES to safeguard THE steel OR PIPELINE FROM CORROSION.within the CASE OF atomic number 13 ANODES, THE REACTION AT THE atomic number 13 SURFACE IS:fourAL = > 4AL+ + + + twelve E- ( 4 atomic number 13 IONS and twelve FREE ELECTRONS) AND AT THE STEEL SURFACE, 3O2 + 12E- + 6H20 = > 12OH- ( element GAS born-again TO element IONS that mix WITH WATER to make hydroxyl group IONS) AS LONG because the CURRENT ( FREE ELECTRONS) IS inward AT THE CATHODE ( STEEL) quicker THAN element IS inward, NO CORROSION happens. BASIC issues once coming up with putting to death ANODE SYSTEMS THE ELECTRICAL CURRENT, that associate degree ANODE DISCHARGES IS CONTROLLED BY OHMÃ ¯ Â ¿ Â ½ S LAW; THAT IS: I= E/ R WHERE: I= CURRENT FLOW IN AMPS E= distinction IN POTENTIAL BETWEEN THE ANODE AND CATHODE IN VOLTS R= TOTAL CIRCUIT RESISTANCE IN OHMS at the start CURRENT are going to be HIGH as a result of THE distinction IN POTENTIAL BETWEEN THE ANODE AND CATHODE ar HIGH, however because the electric potentialDECREASES thanks to THE impact OF the present FLOW ONTO THE CATHODE, CURRENT bit by bitDECREASES thanks to THE POLARIZATION OF THE CATHODE. THE CIRCUIT RESISTANCE INCLUDES eachTHE WATER PATH and therefore the METAL PATH, as well as ANY CABLE within the CIRCUIT. THE DOMINANTprice HERE is that the RESISTANCE OF THE ANODE TO THE saltwaterfor many APPLICATIONS THE METAL RESISTANCE IS  Tampilkan Lebih Banyak