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CV. AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA - Telp. 0313989496 , HP. 082129847777 , 082129846666 , Fax. 031 3980197, EMAIL: INDUSTRI2034@GMAIL.COM


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22 / 12 / 2023
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" CV. AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA " Telp. 0313989496 , HP. 082129847777 , 082129846666 , Fax. 031 3980197, EMAIL: INDUSTRI2034@ GMAIL.COM , ALAMAT KANTOR: KAWASAN INDUSTRI GRESIK, JL. KIG SELATAN IV, NO.11, GRESIK 61121


Thank You For Visit AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA, Please decision North American nation to our client Service to: Telp. 031 3989496 Fax. 031 3980197 Email: industri2034@ nine nine nine nine nine nine nine ninenine nine nine nine Quality! Price! Service! once you purchase valves or fittings, you want to get a prime quality,an honest worth and an honest service. wherever you'll be able to realize the best place to fulfill your desire? You return to the correct place. we've got merchandise of API 6A, API 6D and API 600, conduit spool and head adapters. Certifications of API 6D, API 6A, API 600, Lloyd' s, CE/ PED, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates, and approved certificates of Petrochina, Sinopec, PDO, NIGC, NIOEC, Chiyoda, PTT, PPL, IKPT and Aramco. Please check our product system one and a couple of, and please be at liberty to send your enquires or inquiries toNorth American nation. 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Gate valve eight " Ansi category 150# , A216 WCB, RF, projection Gate valve ten " Ansi category 150# A216 WCB, RF, projection Gate valve twelve " Ansi category150# , A216 WCB, RF, projection Gate valve fourteen " Ansi category 150# , A216 WCB.RF, projection Gate valvesixteen " Ansi category 150# , A216 WCB, RF projection Gate valve twenty " Ansi category 150# , A216 WCB, RFprojection Gate valve twenty four " Ansi category 150# , A216 WCB, RF projection Gate valve twenty six " Ansicategory 150# , A216 WCB, RF projection Gate valve three " Ansi category 300# , A216 WCB, Gate valve four " Ansi category 300# , A216 WCB, Gate valve vi " Ansi category 300# , A216 WCB, Gate valve eight " Ansi category300# , A216 WCB, Crane Gate valve ten " Ansi category 300# , A216 WCB Gate valve twelve " Ansi category 300# , A216 WCB Gate valve twenty Tampilkan Lebih Banyak